Felix riso originario integrale

The large bud: nutritional richeness and unique tasty among all wholegrain rices

Felix is a wholegrain rice characterized by a large bud (gemma) that gives it the unique taste and nutritional characteristics

The bud, which Felix is extraordinarily rich, is the part of brown rice that contains precious elements. This is the reason why Felix boasts numerous exclusive nutritional claims: high in fibre, phosphorus, magnesium and source of potassium, vitamin E, vitamin B6.
The large bud also gives organoleptic properties that make Felix the tastiest brown rice.
Consumption of Felix, combined with a balanced diet and regular physical activity, keeps fit with taste.
These unique characteristics have led to the choice of Felix name: rich, appreciated... rice of the felicity.

To ensure the preservation of the quality, the rice is packaged in a protective atmosphere immediately after processing.

Felix in brief

  • Wholegrain rice with large bud, matching nutritional benefits and unique taste among wholegrain rices

  • Gluten free, processed and packed in plants without food allergenes

  • Fit with vegan diets

  • Nutritional claims: high in fibre, phosphorus, magnesium source of potassium, Vitamine E, Vitamine B6.

  • For various preparations, from simple to gourmet specility.

  •  It cooks in 25 - 30 min (12 - 15 min using pressure cooker).

  • Unique and exclusive rice, in the handling and innovative packaging Ideariso, preserved in protective atmosphere.

Nutritional aspects

Ingredients: Felix wholegrain rice

average nutritional values
per 100 g of product:

1482 kJ - 351 kcal
3,53 g
0,73 g
67,3 g
4,6 g
8,3 g
8,3 g
0,0 g
339 mg (48,4% of reference intake)
129 mg (34,4,% of reference intake)
311 mg (15,6% of reference intake)
2,79 g (23,3% of reference intake)
0,41 mg (29,3% of reference intake)
*NRVs = Nutrient Reference Values

Recommended uses and cooking methods

By boiling, Steaming
80 g each
25 - 30 min
Packaging: Food carton tube 1Kg, 500g, 320g