Who we are
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For more than 50 years we have been passionately sowing, tending and harvesting our rice in the provinces of Vercelli and Novara. Our experience, agronomic knowledge and continuous experimentation and research for new techniques and varieties allow us to achieve great results in rice farming.

We believe in a sustainable rice-growing system: we strive to keep usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to a minimum, preferring green manure practices and following Agro-environmental Programs of European Rural development guidelines.


Our farming system helps minimize environmental impact and maximize field, plant and grain quality potential. We carry out periodic analyses of our rice and paddy rice, to ensure the absence of any chemical residues on the final product sold to our customers.


Harvested rice (commonly known as ‘paddy rice’) needs to be processed by removing its external layers.

Milling degree can be decided in order to obtain different products, beginning with wholegrain rice (or brown rice) where only the rice husk are removed, passing through milled rice (or white rice) where external layers of the brown rice are taken away, trying to preserve the rice gem as much as possible.

Our rice is processed with the help of a local expert, whose touch guarantees the high quality of our products through a delicate and light treatment: it preserves a thin portion of the grain’s external layer, which guarantees cooking resistance and the exceptional creaminess of our risottos.


A special feature of our product, together with the quality of our rice, is the choice of packaging.


Our packaging combines functionality and storage length while paying attention to environmental sustainability. Our aesthetically pleasing, recycled cardboard and tin plate tubes come in three formats (1000g, 500g, 320g). Inside the tubes, our rice is packaged in modified atmosphere packaging, a solution which allows for greater shelf life while maintaining freshness. A plastic cap and an easy- peel lid guarantee easy opening and storage. Our tubes are great for upcycling projects for containers, pencil holders, organizers. In 2020 we decided to extend our 320g tube packaging to our risotto mixes: elegance, sustainability and flavor for all!


The simplest and safest packaging for professional dining and for cooking for large groups. There is simply nothing better than rice dishes, and risottos especially, to engage communities and keep alive the pleasure of tasting products of the Italian culinary tradition.