Riso Rosso Originario Integrale

Highly palatable and delicate fragrant rice, ideally suited for simple or fine dishes

Wholegrain rice with intense natural red colour, result of careful selection and production by Ideariso.
It combines its nutritional properties with taste, delicate fragrance and colour.
Nutritional claims: high in fibre, source of phosphorus and magnesium.
Wholegrain red rice Ideariso is a unique variety, completely developed in Italy and cultivated by Ideariso in the provinces of Vercelli, Novara and Pavia.
Ideariso proceeds to a careful selection of the production according to very high qualitative parameters. Quality always starts from the field guided by the commitment of our agronomists and continues in the selection, storage and processing which, as for all Ideariso products, has been carefully developed for the specific type of rice.
Storage for a few months before the processing is one of the elements that determine the unique characteristics of this wholegrain red rice.
Not all batches of wholegrain red rice.are marketed under our own brand, but only the finest which are distinguished by the name Riserva Artigianale.
To ensure the preservation of the quality, the rice is packaged in a protective atmosphere immediately after processing.

Riso rosso originario integrale in brief

  • High in fibres, source of phosphorus and magnesium.

  • Matches taste to delicate fragrance.

  • Gluten free, processed and packed in plants without food allergenes.

  • Fits with vegan diets.

  • For every kitchen preparation, from simple dishes to gourmet specialities

  • It cooks in just 25- 30 minutes (in 12-15 min. using pressure cooker).

  • Unique and exclusive rice, in the handling and innovative packaging Ideriso, preserved in protective atmosphere.

Nutritional aspects

Ingredients: Riso rosso originario integrale

average nutritional values
per 100 g of product:

1482 kJ - 350 kcal
1,95 g
0,40 g
71,9 g
1,9 g
6,3 g
8,1 g
0,0 g
365 mg (52,1% of reference intake)
115 mg (41,2 % of reference intake)
*NRVs = Nutrient Reference Values

Recommended uses and cooking methods

By boiling, Steaming..
80 g each
30 - 35 min
Packaging: Food carton tube 1Kg, 500g, 320g