Riso Nero originario integrale

Pleasant, tasty and fragrant rice, ideally suited for simple or fine dishes

The Wholegrain Black Rice Ideariso is the result of a careful selection process of production according to very high qualitative parameters, the specific processing developed for this specific rice and the careful preservation that guarantee the characteristics of excellence and that allow to obtain the designation of “Riserva Artigianale”.
Wholegrain Black Rice is characterized by the content of anthocyanins, components with a beneficial antioxidant effect. Wholegrain Black Rice Ideariso can boast nutritional claims such as high in fibre and phosphorus, source of magnesium.
It combines its nutritional properties with sophisticated taste and delicate fragrance that make it a valuable ally in the kitchen, allowing you to create simple and tasty dishes or gourmet preparations.
To ensure the preservation of the quality, the rice is packaged in a protective atmosphere immediately after processing.

Riso Nero originario integrale in brief

  • New black wholegrain rice, with refine taste and fragrance. 

  • Nutritional claims: high in fibres and phosphorus, source of magnesium.

  • It contains anthocyanin.

  • Fits with vegan diets.

  • Suitable both for simple dishes and for gourmet specilities.

  • It cooks in 30 - 35 minutes (15 - 18 min in pressure cooker).

  • Unique and exclusive rice, in the handling and innovative packaging Ideariso, preserved in protective atmosphere.

Nutritional aspects

Ingredients: Riso Nero originario integrale

average nutritional values
per 100 g of product:

1456 kJ - 344 kcal
2,75 g
0,67 g
69,9 g
1,2 g
6,3 g
6,8 g
0,0 g
387 mg (55,3% of reference intake)
98 mg (26,1% of reference intake)
*NRVs = Nutrient Reference Values

Recommended uses and cooking methods

By boiling, Steaming.
80 g each
30 - 35 min
Packaging: Food carton tube 1Kg, 500g, 320g