In the path of innovation undertaken by Ideariso one of the first aspects analysed was the optimum conservation of the rice, which must reach the consumer intact, as just worked, in particular the brown rice.

Observing how the rice is used in the kitchen we developed a package that makes convenient dosing and which is possible close it again when a part of the rice remained in the package.

Another concern was also the environmental compatibility of packaging, where plastic and metal play a minor role.

Of course we wanted a nice pack to keep on your shelf in the kitchen.

A packaging with these characteristics does not exist and therefore we have developed it in Ideariso starting from simple and natural materials, such as food cardboard, but which it allows the maximum conservation performance.

This is the story of Ideariso tube, made of food cardboard, without the use of plastic bags inside, to be sealed in a controlled atmosphere.

Our package offers the possibility to be used for many uses after consuming rice. It ‘a pack that continues its life and its use even when the rice is finished.

We dedicated special focus on design and functionality. Every variety of rice can be identified by a different color and is immediately identifiable on the shelf and in the home pantry.